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The project regarding “Development and Demonstration of Air Filtration Unit for Removal of Particulate Matter, VOC and NOx” is considered as a measure to mitigate the crisis by developing an Aircleaning/filtration unit and carry out various analysis to monitor the efficiency of the unit.

The objectives of the project are depicted as under:

The main objectives of the project are as under -

Objective 1: To design / develop a unit which consists of a reusable filter that can capture particles of size less than 2.5mm and a photo-catalytic unit that can adsorb VOC’s and NOx and degrade them.

Also assessment would be carried out to understand the background concentration of PM10, PM2.5, NOx and VOC at two locations:

  1. One basement location
  2. One petrol pump

Objective 2: Demonstration of the proposed prototype at the chosen sites and determining its pollutant removal efficiency.

Objective 3: Optimize the design of the unit with respect to the improved removal efficiency of pollutants and development of project sustainability and dissemination.

Air Filteration Unit EPRI


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